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Ordering Jewellery and Commission Pieces

Ordering Jewellery and Commission Pieces

Proposed purchases:  initial email contact will need to be made, stating the reference number and description of the proposed purchase and the physical address for delivery. I will then send you my ANZ account details.

(Except for the two Mokume rings), all the pieces shown on this site with a price, actually exist, are kept apart from my other work, and can usually be dispatched the next working day following the purchase price (and freight costs for shipments out of NZ) being deposited into my account. 
Commissions or items out of stock:  1 to 5 weeks or more, depending on the complexity of the process (and availability of gemstones). When you place an order, I will advise you of the likely time frame and estimated price.

Commissioned gold pieces:   As I don’t hold stocks of unworked gold, the gold price will be related to what I am charged by the merchant when I receive the gold for your commissinn piece.

Orders for commissioned pieces will need to be accompanied by a non-refundable half deposit on the estimated final price, before work commences.

Packing prior to shipping:   I make  every effort to ensure that items arrive safely. Every item is packed with care. Earrings are individually wrapped to avoid rubbing. Pendants have their cables packed seperately and flat to avoid damage. All items are wrapped inside hard little boxes before going into the Couriers own packaging. 

Payment:  Direct deposit to my ANZ  bank account, in Dunedin, New Zealand,  You will need to contact me for the account number.

Clients with a NZ address for delivery:  All pieces will be sent via Signature Required Courier Post.  Courier Post offer an overnight service to the main urban areas as well as to some smaller towns.

Dunedin area clients:  should you choose, you may collect your order in person.

Clients with an overseas delivery address:  Please note: The NZ Post will not accept jewellery for shipment overseas. It is specifically excluded. Bulky letters and packages leaving NZ are checked at the mail centre, and the description on the customs declaration must match the X ray image of the contents. Hence no jewellery.

However I can Courier items overseas. See below.

Examples of approximate Courier costs from New Zealand are:

To Australia, approximately $NZ50.
To Canada / USA, approximately $NZ70.
To France, Germany, Great Britain, approximately $NZ85.

Rates change on a daily basis due to currency fluctuations.

Please also note that you may have to pay importation duties and/or other taxes in your home country. Those details may be obtained from the relevant authorities in your home country.
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